Suitable for RAID 1 NAS?

Hi, Just wondering, is the BPi W2 suitable for a 3.5" 2TB HDD RAID 1 NAS or the CPU/SATA controller are too slow ? Thank you

I am running 2x 1tb 2.5inch drives in btrfs raid (mirror - 1tb space available) and it is working fine.

@Kamil_S thank you for your answer. Do you think I can do the same with 3.5" HDD ? Or too power hungry ?

Even for 2.5’’ I needed to upgrade my power supply (now I have 12V 4A). On older one (forgot specs) system was booting up untill hdd spin-up, then restart. Issue got fixed when plugged power barrel as usual and 2A usb-c phone charger (board supports powering via usb-c as well).

At this point I was sure it is power issue so bought better power supply to use just barrel plug for simple cable management.