Starting with BPI-R64 - Newbie - solution found

Dear Friends, i’m new to this Topic but not really unfamiliary to Raspberry and so on. I want to create my own router with OpenWRT.

I’ve downloaded the SDCard image and flashed it to the SD Card, connected the USB2Serial Stick with the Board und opened Putty. The R64 Board seams to do somethig, than the Green and Blue Led’s are flashing untill they stay fully on.

I see blinking on the USB2Serial Adapter but putty doesn’t show anything.

My Board is the R64 V1.2 and the USB Adapter is the original one whitch was included in the pakage. The adapter is connected to my Windows 11 PC and the Com Port is 4, bitraude has been checked with 9600 and 115200.

Hope anyone could help me.I’ve already tried the stepbystep of this Forum…but couldn’t make it work at least visible in Putty.

Thanks for your Help. Greets from Switzerland

115200 baud is right…have you crossed data lines (rx to tx,tx to rx)?

hi Frank-w,

thanks for your fast reply…yes i crossed the rx and tx wires. Do i have to set the Baudrate in the DeviceManager or is it enough to do it in Putty?

Putty is enough,then it is strange…are you sure it is the right com-port?

yes sir…checked with devicemanage and putty also accept the Port to open the screen.

Is your serial adapter operating at 3.3V level?

A regular RS-232 adapter will not work and can even destroy the board. It will need to be an adapter operating at 3.3V TTL level (Arduino is 5V TTL level).

Have you started putty (with right settings) before booting up the board? Maybe you are in a state where no new output came up (login-prompt in linux,hang at uboot/atf) when your settings are right…

And you use debug-uart pins and not any uart on the 40pin gpio header?

Hello All… thanks for all your replys. Here the answers:

@dangowrt: i’ve used the Adapter which was included in the package. It seams to be already jumpert for V3.3

@frank-w I’ve used the debug Pins not the 40pin GPIO header and i’ve already tried with Putty started before powered on BPI-R64. With 9600 and 115200 but it’s always stayes black.

Do i have to set UART anywhere in the device manager? Should i set the Baudrate to 115200 in the device manager?

I’ve downloaded the newest windows driver for the Serial Adapter and installed it new. But it doesn’t want to show me anything.

Hello Guys…just for your information. I have changed the Baudrate in the DeviceSettings to 115200 and now it is working. Thanks to everyone for help. Till soon :slight_smile:

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