SPI1 not working | BananaPi BPI-M5

Hi everyone. I’m using Banana PI M5 on Ubuntu 22. I have a problem where I need to get SPI0 and SPI1 running. SPI0 works for me, but SPI1 does not.

When I use command "fdtput -t s /boot/meson64_bananapi_m5.dtb /spi@13000 status okay" I get error “Error at ‘/spi@13000’ : FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND” But also I tried change settings in file "/boot/meson64_bananapi_m5.dtb" I recompiled spi@13000 and spi@15000 status value to “okay”, but without success.

In "/boot/config.txt" I have set the value "dtparam=spi=on". I also tried enabling it through “raspi-config”, but SPI1 still does not work.

In "/dev/" I only see mention of “spidev0.0”. Even in “/boot/overlays” I see a dtbo for spi0 (spi0.dtbo), but nothing for spi1.

Where could the problem be, what Im missing? It’s possible to run SPI1 correctly? Thank you."

m5 40pin only have spi0. By the way, where did you get a ubuntu 22 image with 4.9 kernel and /boot/config.txt in it, it‘s so weird.


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