SPI library for R2/R64?

Is there some good spi lib that is comparable to wiringpi?

Afair bpi changed wiredpi for use with r2,but have not tested this.i access gpio directly and spi works so far with spidev

Edit: seems like r2 is also not supported,but maybe you can add support like other bpi-boards were added


@sinovoip Any reason not developing this further? There is a PR for the R2 from 2018. Or please give the responsibility to the community. I would like to port the lib to OpenWrt.

BTW I currently try adding spidev to OpenWrt.

R2 support is not merged yet (no r64 work done)…why adding it to openwrt?

I will add this as patches. Since I need it. :wink:

@frank-w Like here. I will also try adding R64 like that. However, that is why I ask @sinovoip to give maintenance to us, so I don’t have to maintain an extra patch set only for openwrt.

Okay, just saw that some stuff is happening in the init function that I can not apply to OpenWrt. :confused: