SpacemiT Banana Pi F3 K1 with memory 8/16 GB

Actually, the question in the topic is, due to the fact that the processor performance is quite good and this board can be used as an everyday workstation, and the processor supports up to 16 GB of memory, will there be board options with 8 or 16 GB of RAM?

we will support 16GB version


Great news! Just have to wait.

Which hardware configuration is you want for Banana Pi BPI-F3. Please vote

let me answer here as i do not have an x account and do not really like x anyway: i would find 8/64 and 16/64 models the most interesting as they should allow a somewhat useable desktop experience on a risc-v system at an affordable price … but the price is also important: they should not be too much more expensive than the 4/16 model (i.e. not 1.5-2x the price or so)