Source code request: ROM code

Hi, it looks like the ROM code of the SPI wasn’t open source? Can we get the source code for it? I mean the file BPI-W2-bsp/rt-pack/rtk/bpi-w2/bin/spirom-bpi-w2.bin

this is can not open source , just can support with lib file.

If you need to modify this part of the code requirements, please inform us, we assist you to modify, and then provide lib file to you

Oh, that’s too bad… because it looks like there’s some interesting bits in there with hardware initialization which could allow user to overclock sdcard/ram…

Looks like there’s a “password protection boot”?

download to 0x
parse hfile fail
jump to 0x
Please Input Words :
1st word
2nd word
3rd word
4th word
compare pass
Please input passphase :

Also it seems like there’s a console input in this bootloader mode, can you tell us how to enter such console if it’s enabled?