Solved: HELP: I think I bricked

I noticed I couldn’t see the bpi “booting from mmc 1” anymore. The only change I did was “emmc pconf 0x48”. Seeing as the starting value was 0, I did “emmc pconf 0x00” to undo this change. Now the board doesn’t post anything to TTL.

HELP! Did I brick? Can you recover? Even with a chip programmer?

I did not brick. I reflashed the first LEDE (2017) image again.

I also tried a ubuntu image and it seems I have a different uboot. Is uboot a part of the SD/eMMC installation? I thought this was like the ROM on the BPI. Thoughts? Comments?

Secondly, is it possible to brick the banana pi at all?

Preloader and uboot are part of mmc-contents (sd/emmc)

For details see here:

Imho its not possible to brick the board by using only sd/emmc…the highest danger should be overheating any of the components by wrong settings

it seems to be possible to brick the pi like here happened: Bricked BPI-R64 EMMC