[SOLVED] BPI-M5 does not boot (3 blinking LEDs)

Hello! I received today my BPI-M5, but I recorded an image of Ubuntu Mate on microSD (the one on the BPi-M5 Wiki), but does not boot and no image appears on the screen. They are blinking 3 LEDs on the board (red, green and blue). What should I do? Would it be a problem with the power supply?

3 leds all blinking? how? may be provide a video or console log.

try the latest ubuntu mate and power supply should be 5v/3A typec

I tried the lastest image of Ubuntu Mate and Armbian, but doesn’t boot. I’m using a Motorola Turbo Power 33w USB-C power supply (Outputs 5V-3A or 9V-3A or 12V-2.5A or 11V-3A, maybe this is the problem? I read somewhere that the ideal was a dumb power supply that only provide 5V with 3A) I uploaded a video in Google Drive:

I tried again with a “dumb” power supply, and it works! Thanks!

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