Small ISP looking at different options

I am currently a CSR at a small ISP in Ontario we offer DSL and Cable service we are looking at getting a router that is both different than our RTN-12 Asus to provide 5 Ghz connectectivity as we run speeds up to and including 120 Mbps and we do service small medium Biz so we are looking for a router platform for both residential and commercial and possibly service 360 and 1 gig customers

Please advise me on if this product is worth investigating further based on the following criteria :

Must haves : Ease of use for end user and us web interface to control wireless and routing not much different than standard consumer grade routers Stability: ability to operate and perform as desired Wi fi performance… able to provide ranges on par with consumer grade routers Supports VOIP we use cisco/linksys ata devices Cost : below getting a consumer grade router of decent quality 80 to 150 CAD is that range Self updating

Really strong wants : Remote management via remote desktop or vnc etc The ability to remote in and use a web browser to get information from a modems webpage Possibly running ontop of kali linux to act as a security platform The ability to add in parental controls The ability to add in ad blockers and more security

Nice but not at the top of the list : Reporting downtime Rebooting itself after x heartbeats from a source not recieved Controlling the modem via smart home tech or scripting ( reboots ) Pulling modem performance data and uplinking to a server Being able to brand our device in any interface Remoting in and having kali tools

Main needs : Quality, Dependable Simple to setup and use for end users Affordable cost

Can you send your RFQ in detail to me [email protected]?

Ryder unfortunately at this point we are not at a request for quote stage.

Right now i am doing this on my own and if i can prove everything i will then forward it to management right now I need proof of concept and prototype

Anyone is open to add anything like i said as of right now this is a proof of concept type thing

Can we do it ? Can we have the features we want ?

Then it will go into What is the right device What is the right OS

Then the fun starts of testing

I think it’s easy to use MT7622 (R64) to make it and web interface is supported by OpenWrt.

VOIP: MT7622 does not support PCM interface but with I2S/SPI interfaces to accommodate.

WI-FI: built-in 11n Wi-Fi or use MT7615 for higher performance requirement.

Banana PI R2 or R64 are not production ready.

In my opinion take a look at mikrotik equipment (stable, centralized management)