Sinovoip representatives - please take a look

Can you take a look at this thread:

and try to help! Thank you


Why not using my repo?

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Your repo is great. I’m using it daily (Ubuntu 18.04)

But best will have official Armbian for BPI R2.

Right,but official repo is 4.4(.70) and isn’t touched for months. 4.14 has now all features of 4.4 and some more. And i update it as far as i can (mostly 1-2 days after pointrelease is released). I need more people helping me porting things to newer kernel-versions so please do not same work i already done.

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Yes but armbian has several cores: legacy kernel 3.4.y, mainline kernel 4.14.y and tested. So this distribution is developing successfully. there is a very convenient tool for assembling an image with the required parameters.

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