Simultaneous WiFi AP and WiFi client

Hi Harry, My BPI m2 zero is on the latest Armbian 2023. When running your script, the system comes back with an error. Failed to start dnsmasq - A lightweight DHCP and catching DNS server. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Hi Edvard, please check what is the status of dnsmasq service:

sudo systemctl status dnsmasq

There you will find some suggestions what went wrong. Regards, Piotr Romaniuk

Thanks for your response. I stopped using the Armbian OS for BPI M2 zero. Way to much troubles for me. RpiGPIO is not really working for me, RTC is not working for me and creating a hotspot is impossible for me. I installed Raspbian OS. RpiGPIO and creating a stable Access Point is okay now, just struggling with installing an RTC module. (ds1307 or a ds3231) The interface i2c gives a fault message: Unknown parameter ‘i2c_arm’. For that to solve I need help again I think

Been there, done that. Failed to start dnsmasq - A lightweight DHCP and catching DNS server.

I wonder if there are people out there who have created a AP after a fresh install of Armbian on a BPI M2 Zero, with WiFi up, update and upgrade done, a reboot and than to armbian-config trying to install an AP. I have tried at least 15 times, but no, it won’t work.

Indeed, I have OS Raspbian, buster and AP with WiFi connection running. A very nice script is written by Roboberry. It does not run on Armbian!

When I’m in an area with wifi that my BPI M2 Zero recognizes, than it will connect, if no wifi is recognized, an AP is started.

Its not a problem in Armbian. Mainline wireless driver for this chip does not support both at once.