Setting own image on eMMC


I’m trying to set my own image on eMMC. However, it doesn’t boot - there is something similiar to “Verification failure: FW SHA256 Verification failed” - how can I omit this check? My system is Ubuntu 18.04 (no, I can’t use ready image).

Thank you for help, Michał.

Ok, I know how to do it.

Manual for making own eMMC system with own kernel:

  1. Build kernel with kernel and U-Boot option
  2. Prepare rootfs, U-Boot img and kernel files (uImage etc. etc.), copy it to some storage device (for example USB pendrive)
  3. Run the other system on BPI-W2 (from SD card or SATA)
  4. Format eMMC, make fs (mkfs) (make partitions like on SD card)
  5. Copy files to eMMC (like SD card)
  6. Now use sudo bpi-bootsel U-Boot.img.gz /dev/mmcblk1 (in my situation)
  7. You’re ready to go, pull out your card and be happy about working eMMC system! Just remember to change bootsel switch position to 1, otherwise it won’t launch.

@SinoVoip, is it possible to add this tutorial to wiki or something for another?