Second SATA power connector

Hello, Where can I find scheme of second SATA power connector (4pin)? regards, Maciek

Same issue, the second SATA power connector is not 2 pin but 4.

How i ma suppose to connect the second SATA power connector?

which 6-Pin-Connector (battery??)

here is the 4pin SATA-Connector:

Oh ok, i have found the first SATA power. It is 2 pin as you mention on the photo but the second is 4pin?

both SATA-Power-connectors are on the picture…1x 2pin 1x4pin

That is my problem, i bought 2 SATA connecter and both have 2 pin only. Any reference for SATA with 4pin power? Can use the Fan one to power the second SATA disk?

some people does this and it seems to be stable. i measured with multimeter, but see no direct current. i assume there is a PWM-Signal for the FAN, maybe it’s risky to use it for HDD

i also not found a cable with 4pin…i crimped one :wink:

have to measure with oscilloscope…

Would be nice to have a official comment from the BPI team. the hardware spec mention 2 SATA but you can use only one. I could not find any SATA cable with a 4pin connector. The alternative to use the 2 pin FAN power does seem not to work as my BPI R2 refuse to boot.

on fan-connector i got no voltage, tested also with oscilloscope, it seems its open end (one connector is not connected, but i’m sure i have both connected)

with kernel 4.14 and 4.4.70, i wonder how it works for some people

measured again with multimeter, right pin seems to be -5v (used another gnd), left has no connection. i will demount my case in next days and will look down on board if there is something visible