Scratch on Banana Pi for Steam education

Scratch on Banana Pi for Steam education

Banana Pi BPI-M64 runs scratch 3.0 offline (ubuntu 16.04)

Banana Pi BPI-M64 and microbit with scratch 2 offline

Raspberry Pi 3B+ runs scratch 3.0 offline with Banana Pi ubuntu 16.04

Raspberry Pi 3B+ demo wiringpi gpio with Banana Pi ubuntu 16.04

Hello, Could you tell us when your IDE on scratch 3.0 will be available for bit-bip card on windows and Android? Julien

we just test scratch 2, scratch 3 under developments:


You use s2m. This is not convinient to use. Makeblock do the same with here IDE excatly the same as scratch 3.0. You just add your device and program and upload to device. Very easy to use. COuld you do the same?

The use of scratch is basically used in the world of education. So we have to offer super simple systems, not gas plants that nobody will use, because too complicated. Could you give us a date as months? Thanks Your sincerely. Julien

i see , we do this just to support open source .

makeblock have a good design for scratch 3.0. but it is not open source .

are you learn webduino for BPI:bit ? it is a good blockly support for BPI:bit .