Schematic for R64 v0.x


I am unable to find the schematics for BananaPi R64 v0.x with switch-chip rtl8367. I got the schematics for v1.x with mt7531, but I need schematics for rtl8367 switch.

I would be glad if somebody could help me out.

Also, are there any other board (similar to this) using the RTL8367 switch?

Thank you.

Afair there was only a snall amount of such boards and there is no more support of it. I stopped ethernet driver porting on 5.4. Upstream uboot have no ethernet-driver there is only 2014-04 with rtl8367 driver

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R64 with rtl8367 was just used for pilot run for internal test and replaced by mt7531 in mess production version.

In my opinion, mt7531 is better than rtl8367 because it has bigger packet buffer, higher performance, two SGMII interfaces, and upstream driver is almost ready (uboot is done and linux is ongoing).

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