SATA power interfaces


thanks to BPI-R2 SATA interface documentation found here,

BPI R2 has 2 sata power, sata power 1 has two pins meanwhile sata power 2 has four. Does it mean wich only * sata power 2* I can power two sata disks ? would it be enough to power up two 2.5" sata disks ?

where can I buy cables with sata and wire to board system ?

The 2-pin-power-cable can be buyed in stores like ebay or ali express. i did not found a 4-pin one…these have to be done manually. The 4pin have a 12v-powering,but i’m not sure it’s powerful enough to power a 3.5" hdd

This is my point of knowledge:

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thx, I’m not expecting to power up 3.5" disk.

The version V2 of the board has both 2 pin connectors. If you are buying the board now, you most likely won’t have the 4 pin connector.

I have the board v1.1 I have the same connectors that the one discussed above