Sata ports hdd 2.5

Is sata ports support 2.5 hdd?

Looks like yes. 2.5 SSD works fine.

I have a W2 on the way. Do we know if the SATA port supports port multiplier (SATA PM)?

sorry i mean 3.5 size

Hey, I just tried this with two 3.5" WD HDDs, using Male-Female SATA+Power cables (like, did not test these ones) - so power comes from the board - and it worked, so yes 3.5 inch HDDs are supported AFAIK without additional power supply.

I’m answering to this thread, because I didn’t know it and couldn’t find the answer on the internet before I bought the BPI W2 recently.

I do not have a SATA PM, so I can not test what @william asked… did you try it with your W2?

Edit: I’m using a 12V 3A power supply to power the board. Oh and there is a thread where asm1th explanes using 3.5" HDDs: W2 SATA and Ethernet speeds