Running the fan on the bpi-f3

From the diagram the CPU fan is connected to gpio 79


I looked at the dmesg but it does not appear in the dmesg:

dmesg | grep -i pwm
[    2.797773] pwm-backlight soc:lcd_backlight: supply power not found, using dummy regulator

and grepping for it in the dts shows it missing.

the bianbu kernel dts has the entry,

    pinctrl_rpwm2_0: rpwm2_0_grp {
        pinctrl-single,pins = <
            K1X_PADCONF(GPIO_79,    MUX_MODE2, (EDGE_NONE | PULL_DOWN | PAD_3V_DS4))   /* rcpu_pwm2 */

So if you want to use the fan it is advised to compile bianbu’s uboot+opensbi and that kernel branch while the support for the board is getting upstreamed. (You may use my fork with a couple of additional patches).

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For those feeling adventurous gist:e41c7f00ed34201f7e9b167abc088d23 · GitHub