RTL8211 ethernet supported kernel?

As far as I know, the ethernet port using RTL8211 is not currently working on the latest 4.9 kernel, when do we get the fix for this one? Meanwhile I heard that it has both ethernet port working on kernel 4.4 but I couldn’t find its source code anywhere, can anyone give me a solution either having a kernel 4.4 source code or a fix for kernel 4.9? I bought this board for using as a firewall but then I found out that the latest software don’t have both ethernet supported and I feels disappointed.

Even the RGB LEDs doesn’t have a sysfs path to control it, I don’t think this board should released on the market if it’s not 100% functional yet

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RTL8211 is supported on all kernels (because it’s in mainline kernel). That’s the problem with RTD1296 HWNAT, to which nobody else than Realtek has access to source code.