Rm510qglha-m20-sgasa bpi-r4

Good morning!

I have a QUECTEL RM510QGLHA-M20-SGASA module for using the mmWave band. It is connected and has a SIM card in the SIM 1 slot. I have a few questions.

The SIM card I have is a “nano” SIM, but I’m not 100% sure that the slot on the Banana R4 is “nano”; it seems more like “micro”. I’ve tried inserting it with a “micro” adapter and then without an adapter, and it seems to work both ways (the blue light for SIM 1 turns on).

I have installed the snapshot version released today, April 16, 2024.

Afterwards, I installed the packages “opkg install kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan uqmi luci-proto-qmi”.

I’ve configured the QMI interface and the APN of my SIM card provider.

The SIM 1 light turns on but sometimes it turns off, and I don’t see any data transfer in RX/TX.

I don’t yet have the connectors (IPEX MHF4L) and the antennas for the mmWave band.

Is it possible that this is the reason it’s not connecting? Can anyone tell me where to get antennas for this band? I’m finding it very difficult to find them…

Thank you very much in advance!

So I fought the qmi interface for a week. It fought me non stop. Then I used an at command to switch to mbim. After that I used modem manager to control it. In luci goto interface and you’ll see your modem, click edit and input your apn. After that it should work fine. I am using the RM520N-GL-AA and it’s working perfectly. Also yes, nano.

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So, I am guessing this is with OpenWRT? Current SNAPSHOT version?

nano, as in the editor?

“nano sim” “micro sim” Thanks! Last version snapshot 16-04-2024

i need antennas for mmWave band

any idea?


I wanted mmwave but wasn’t sure if that card would work with openwrt. I only have the 5g one minus mmwave. I found some 5g/lte antennas on amazon and they have bee working great.

I cant remember all the packages but I can give you an image if you want. Make sure you have kmod-usb-serial, kmod-usb-serial-option, picocom, modemmanager, and the ones you named. The option package gives you access to using AT commands which you’ll need to switch your card from qmi mode to mbim. Once I set it to mbim the card worked great. Also that card, with at commands, allows you to set the imei. I set the imei to a tablet I had that I don’t use. So the carrier is giving me a cheaper unlimited plan.

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I built my own because of the small snapshot root partition.

Hi,It’s NANO SIM. Check the box you received. There should be 3 NANO SIM card trays in it.

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