Recommended PWM Fans for Banana Pi R3 Mini: Which Models Are Compatible?

Hi everyone,

I recently got a Banana Pi R3 Mini and I’m looking to add a fan for better cooling. I understand that the R3 Mini supports PWM fans, but I’m unsure about which specific models or types are compatible with the fan connector on the R3 Mini.

Could anyone recommend PWM fan models that work well with the Banana Pi R3 Mini? I’m looking for suggestions on both 3-pin and 4-pin fans, if possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Did you have the official case?

Looks for me that the fan is included … but I’m not sure, that it is a PWM fan …

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It is a pwm fan…have tested the pwm-fan some time ago


Thank you for your response. I am planning to build my own custom case using acrylic, so I am particularly concerned about the type and size of the fan socket. I want to make sure that the fan I purchase will be compatible with the connectors on the R3 Mini

if I’m not mistaken, PicoBlade (3pin) is used on the board, I think I bought it. I also bought myself a 40x10 fan (from Noctua), 5V PWM (yes, it was originally 4 pin), I had to disassemble the old harness and redo the connector (1,2,4 pins remained, the third pin is, like, thermal control). For all this, I printed my case on a 3d printer made of PETG plastic, placed the fan on the side so that it blows over the board from above and below, later it is planned to install radiators on chips, it seems like now everything is fine without this and the board is not heated as much as it was without it during test downloads.

But now I’m reprinting the case, because I didn’t get into the size with the connectors a little bit

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