Read-only Operator in BPI R64

I have an idea. The operating system running on BPI R64 can only read. That means when the power is turned off or off, everything I install on them is lost. is not? Thanks everyone for reading. If there are instructions or how to do, please help me under the comment section, or give me a link.

Imho something like this can be done with overlayfs…google for readonly rootfs…

Have not done it but also interested in

Kernel and rootfs are in squashfs ro partition in the beingging. FIles will be saved to jffs2 r/w partition whenever you install packages. Also when you modify files in read only partition, it will.trigger copy on write process and have a copy in jffs2 partition to make sure all files won’t lose after boot up.


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thanks for this answer!

thanks for this answer! but the problem I need to solve is that I want everything to be lost when I turn off the power?

you need ramdisk mode, just give an example by Openwrt.

  Target Images  --->
  [*] ramdisk  --->
     *** Root filesystem archives ***  

finally, you can get xxxx-initramfs.bin file.

thank you so much:heartbeat: