Raspbee 2 Zigbee HAT Module at Banana Pi r3

Hi there,

I hope someone can help me cause i’m not so familiar with the GPIO stuff.

First i want to know if the raspbee 2 hat could work at the r3. For this, the first 12 GPIOs are used at the raspberry. I saw that the voltage gpio’s are the same, so i think it should work. Otherwise i could connect the hat to different gpio pins at the r3 if necessary. I don’t want damage it, normally i would just give it a try ;D

Second question would be if someone know how i could get it working inside openwrt… i see a lot of usb-serial packages but not really sure if it’s the right thing.

At raspberry and debian i would do same steps like described in the manual https://fcc.report/FCC-ID/XVV-RASPBEE2/4631758.pdf (Page 3) with wiringPi.

I also have an USB zigbee module which works perfect, but the hat version is much more compact and would make my r3 to my all-in-one router :slight_smile:

Hope someone can help get this thing working


raspberry gpio 1-12


banana pi r3 gpio 1-12


Did you get anywhere with this? I am thinking of doing the same.