[R64] qBittorrent and OpenWrt

Hi guys. Transmission has disapoint me. Sometimes there is a situation when Transmissoin see only 5 or 6 peers but tracker says that they are many more. So I deside try qBittorrent. And I have create Imagese with qBittorrent for Banana PI R64.


How install this images you can see there

After run qBittorrent will appear on 8080 port. login:admin password:adminadmin.

I use qBittorent from this repository

I don’t use BitTorrent, but from view of basic service i guess you need to set user and maybe home (for storing config).this is maybe service specific and need to be passed via cli to your binary in init script, see man/helppage of /usr/bin/qbittorrent-nox

About point 2…on which webinterface do you start the daemon? I guess it has own webinterface so it runs with user your deamon runs

OpenWrt have not users exept root. Command useradd not available. But OpenWRT have groups and when you start transmission it starts from group transmission. But i dont know how to do it.

Yes qbittorrent use own webinterface. And if I run “start-stop-daemon -Sbx /usr/bin/qbittorrent-nox” from putty it create config files in “/root” directory, and htop shows that qbittorren run as root. But if I press “start” button from OpenWRT web interfase it create config filese in “/”. This is very starnge because htop shows that qbittorren run as root too.

i thought you can create additional users in openwrt too…running daemons as root is a high security risk

if only root is possible you should jail the process into an chroot

if you start from cli your full users environment is set up…if command is started by any system init-process this is not always done…i guess you need to set

export HOME=/root

or similar in your init-script. maybe your service has own commandline-param to set the configfile

I have found guide how create deamon on OpenWRT. Users add by editing files etc/passwd, etc/group, etc/shadow.

Hi I have create fork on Github with Qbittorren make file. Now not need adjusted Qbittorren after install Openwrt because user, homedir, and init file creatinig automatically.

And my Image Openwrt with Qbittorrent for R64

Hi. Since new OpenWRT images work fine without custom building, I have compile qBittorrent for OpenWRT.



How to install it? You need copy file from qBittorrent_Repo to folder on BPI (opt for example). You can use for copying WinSCP. After that you need write command:

echo src/gz local file:///opt >> /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf

It will create local reposytory on your BPI.

After that you need copy file 0a2376182511986e to folder /etc/opkg/keys. It need for checking signature during update.

After that. write:

opkg update

If you see:

Downloading file:///opt/Packages.sig

Signature check passed.

Write command:

opkg install qBittorrent

I have try it only on BPI-R64 OpenWRT image from Development Snapshot Kernel 5.10.

Hi guys. I found repository with compiled Qbittorrent https://github.com/userdocs/qbittorrent-nox-static. Just choose your’s archetecture (for R64 this is aarch64) and copy it to your’s router (folder usr/bin). It’s include all necessary libriarys(qt, libtorrent, boost).

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