R64 mt7531 connect: Network is unreachable

Use “2020-05-08-ubuntu-18.04.3-bpi-r64-5.4-sd-emmc.img.zip” firmware。 Power-on default startup settings,But ping error: ping connect: Network is unreachable I modified the configuration: iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway

But still useless。。。

please print output of “ip a”

just to check if you use a dsa-driver

I have solved it, thanks. This is how I do it。

ip a

ip addr add dev lan3

ip link set dev lan3 up / down

ip address show dev lan3

ip route add default via

ip addr flush eth0



iface lan3 inet static





So your image is using dsa-driver…put eth0 up and configure lanX/wan like you do above. And like it’s described in my wiki