R64 low performance

R64 get low performance at iperf3 test.

someone see this problem before, the CPU usage is low most of it in idle? openwrt + kernel 4.19

I guess it’s the old switch implementation. Try newer kernel with mt7531 dsa driver (imho mainline with 5.10 and in my repo beginning with 5.4).

hi frank,

5.10 is ready? I want to use MT7615 for 5G, I have trouble on 5.4.

thanks, Water

I don’t know about openwrt,but linux kernel itself is ready

OpenWRT has commit with add support 5.10 https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/b10d6044599d8c1fa7fbb2374bcbf30118d39db1 but I don’t know when OpenWRT can compile with this kernel for Banana PI64. Because support kernel 5.4 we had waited very long.

5.4 needed many patches to support r64 (e.g. switch,wifi). This is now already mainline. Afaik they want to merge flowoffload to 5.10 which is some work