[R3mini] Problem with m2 B-key (USB interface)

Good afternoon. The problem is connecting the modem (I use Fibocom L860-GL-16, but I think it may appear on others) via m2 B-key. The modem starts only on hot, that is, only after loading the board, it must be inserted into the connector that is located on the board. This is probably some kind of conflict in OpenWRT (I use snapshot)

I also can’t manage its power supply in any way, or I’m doing it wrong

Also, if you restart the board, the modem will not start

@dangowrt Could you look at this and tell me what it might be? I am attaching logs of 3 different attempts with a description

  1. I supply power to the board (the modem is located in the m2 B-key connector). He is identified for a couple of moments and disappears again bpimodem.txt (19,4 КБ)

  2. I reconnect the modem to the hot one (without turning off the board, I take out the modem and insert it back) - it is defined as device 2-1 (yes, this is most likely a problem in bus 2) bpimodem-+modem.txt (20,3 КБ)

  3. Starting the board without a modem bpinomodem.txt (19,2 КБ)