R2 vs R64 for WiFi router

Hello. I would like to build a router with a 3rd party mPCIe WiFi card. Since the R2 and R64 are about the same price, I’m not sure which is better in terms of performance and support.

Is the R64 or R2 faster?

I have read the R64 has some issues with PCIe. Does that mean I would have trouble using my WiFi card? Is the R2 better in this respect?

R64 have faster cpu but less ram. Pcie issues on r64 (some cards working some not) should be fixed with hardware version above v1.0. R2 supports pcie,but have only one slot (r64 2 slots).

Currently we have some issues with sdcard (maybe related to new atf,maybe not)…have not yet found rootcause.uboot does not recognize card after reboot and in linux there are performance issues. Imho r2 is currently better supported. R64 needs some additional Patches to work (switch driver is merged in 5.10 - before wired network was non functional)

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