R2/R64 mount in rack?

Is there some covering I can use to mount a banana pi in a rack in a data-center?

I do not know any 19inch case but imho you can use a old server case and mount r64 in this. Drilling some holes for mounting should be enough

Maybe something like this (1HE should be enough too).

For such case i would use an additional baseboard of non-metal (wood plastic) to mount bpi onto to avoid electrical shortcuts and easier hole manage (mounting more than bpi e.g. power supply,ups,cables and such)

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I did the following with a M1 - there is no reason why this should not work similar with your R2/R64:

I found an old 100mBit “HUB” in my shelf, took out everything except the power unit (5v-5A - happily) and installed my M1 + 120 GB SSD + max3232 serial Adapter + relay switch for the housing fan (switched according to processor temp)

And this works fine! Running Icinga2 and Icingaweb2! Really cute!

With my R64 I went another way: I had a double 5,25 really old SCSI Expansion Unit. Installed the R64 + 5x Sata-Multiplexer + the usual max323 Adapter + plus relay for the fan. The drive bays I filled with a 4 x 2.5 drive to 5.25 Adapter AND an aic-2 Tape drive.

I love my “Backup-device!”

Note: The R64 runs on Frank’s image - just like a charm! He’s the genius - I’m only the “handycrafter” :slight_smile:

My R2 is assembled on a nice piece of wood (sanded lovely painted) and pinned to the wall as my home-web-server.

So many ways to give a home to a pi :wink: