R2 Boot on power on

Has anyone tried to adapt the R2 to boot up on power on?

What is the issue you’re facing?
I hope you’re aware that you have to press the power button for 10seconds to boot the device. Also you can plug in micro usb and power barrel connector together and that will power on the device too. Else you can jump the power button connector and that it can power on automatic.

I hope this is what you were looking for.

But not put 12v to the micro-usb! You need to drop voltage to 5v.

Soldering power-button needs blacklisting mtk-pmic-keys module,else you get a reboot-loop with my kernels

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I was under impression that this module just produces an ACPI input event “power button pressed” and nothing more. Actual system behaviour in response to this event depends on the configuration of apcid/systemd/gnome power manager/e.t.c.

In my tests the default acpi-configuration was powerdown. And so system boots and in the moment acpi daemon is loaded,system goes down again

Yep, that’s expected. But it means that it is possible just to change the default to simply ignore ACPI power button presses instead of blacklisting mtk-pmic-keys module. I mean, we’ve got more buttons on board in addition to power btn so if those buttons are also handled by this module blacklisting it will hide/disable all other buttons from OS as well. I’m just guessing here - don’t know if any other onboard button is handled through this module.

with my poweroff-patches there are only 3 buttons defined, maybe we can change it in the acpi-config, but for a quick fix blacklisting was the easiest option…but i understand your intention

My problem is it is physically very hard to push the button for 10 seconds when it is at the top of an 8M pole. Going to a UPS is a possibility but doing a mod to make it boot at power on, would be simpler and ultimately more fool proof.

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I should have made myself clearer, I guessed eliminating the power button would work but hoped there would be a simple file alteration that achieved the same result. I don’t know much about arm booting tech at all, if someone can point me to a good source of info that relates to the R2 on this it would be appreciated. By the way the R2 makes a great little video handling server.

You can solder pins of powerbutton,but make sure you disable powerdown-on-powerbutton in your system (e.g. by blacklisting the pmic-keys-module or disabling in acpid)

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Thanks you guys for the info. One more thing, where is the file exactly that I need to alter?


blacklist mtk-pmic-keys

To /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf