R2 and Debian Jessie

Good morning,

I installed 2017-09-14-raspbian-stretch-preview-bpi-r2-sd-emmc.img.

After, I purge all package for graphical interface.

I want use all GE for a routeur ( for replace a BRI-R1)

I just see

  • bond0
  • eth0
  • eth1
  • wlan0

I don’t know how delete bond0, and configure 5 gigabyte interfaces.

Thanks you for your help.

your title says jessie :slight_smile:

why do you want to delete bond0? maybe its defined in /etc/network/interfaces, so add # before that lines related to it

you cannot configure the 5 LAN-Ports separately, if vlans are supported,maybe you can set different vlans to the ports and configure that vlans

My issue that on /etc/network/interfaces, no information about bond0

I have installer vlan package.

But before use vlan. I want to see all interface.

you see only the 2 physical NICs

you have to define the vlans like shown here for BPI-R1 (maybe different params): http://penguindreams.org/blog/using-the-banana-pi-bpi-r1-as-a-router-with-bananian/

I’ve found nothing about R2…maybe driver-support (mt7530 Switch) is not supported yet, so it’s currently a dump switch

Hi, where do you found 2017-09-14-raspbian-stretch-preview-bpi-r2-sd-emmc.img? Wifi with Ap mode is operational?

Not sure where @andarius40 has found it, but I found it here: https://dev.banana-pi.org.cn/Image/BPI-R2/ :slight_smile:

gary says in another thread there is some code for AP-Mode, but it’s not working

waiting also for AP-Mode :slight_smile:

here are some infos on how-to remove bond0: http://docs.gz.ro/debian-linux-bonding-howto.html