R18 AVS open sourced?

Any complete circuits of R18 and Audio Board released? Components list and vendor name, contacts to get with? Source code for building system from scratch, build root published on GitHubs?

Any 3rd party license needed for commercial applications and re-design? Thank you…

this is not open source , this is just development board. you can do any development at this board, not need 3rd party license.

Can I get the circuit for product development on my own? and with software source… thanks

we sign DNA with allwinner , you can contact [email protected] ask more

Dear Samuel,

Even open source projects, components list won’t be opened, open source projects only open sch pdf file and Linux images.

Nora Banana Pi PM

Banana pi BPI-M64 kano test image can run on R18 AVS board , we still development now ,just for test. so ,can run open souce code on R18 board, but not support AVS

quick start document:

open source coming soon.:slight_smile: