Questions regarding BPI-R4


This is my first post in the forum as I also get my first Banana Pi product today - BPI-R4, I do have some questions about it:

  1. Other than power LED, there are also a few LEDs, other than the SIM/SSD LED, there are also B/G LEDs which is not described anywhere (now I see B one has BLUE light which means booting?)

  2. I guess we can use 10G DAC cable on the SFP+ port without problem?

  3. I tried to download the OpenWrt SD card image to boot, 1GbE ports light up when connected to my client PC but client PC doesn’t get any IP, normal?

  4. Finally I saw some messages from console when booting from SD card like the following, so what’s that?

jffs2: jffs2_scan_eraseblock(): Magic bitmask 0x1985 not found at 0x3da40000: 0xff97 instead

  1. B=blue,G=green…these are leds for user specific usage. We use green as power-indicator,blur is not used yet.

  2. i have no dac cable so not tested yet,i guess it will work,but at least on mainline we have not yet 10g working (missing rss+lro software support),the max is currently at ~5Gbit/s

  3. you mean the bpi openwrt? Have not tried it as we are working on mainline support. It depends on setting on this image if there is a dhcp server running on these ports…try login via lucy or on serial console to check the settings

  4. no idea,but imho mainline openwrt will not use f2fs

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But now when I connect power, the RED is always ON, with something booting up the BLUE is also ON, when it’s rebooting it will go off.

So that means using SFP+ RJ45 copper max 5GbE rate?

I downloaded the image from the wiki page, now I need to at least find a way to boot into an OS to verify my board is working (I know the upstream to mainline is just started so I am now asking to see everything working), in case something is wrong I can still send it back to AliExpress.

I assume the wiki download image is kind of “proof of concept” image (it’s ok for not being in mainline kernel)

I talk about 10g (fibre) module (but copper should be same). downstream kernel should support rss/lro (at least sdk does).

Yes it dpends how leds are mapped in software…maybe bpi uses blue one for power indication. Red should be hard wired to power supply

Just received my BPI R4, and I ran into the same issue. In my case, it’s very serious. The error messages flood my serial console and renders it useless. After some digging I figured out the cause.

BPI’s Getting Started with BPI-R4 does have an extremely vague and ‘useless’ line that says:

Note: please low level format the SD and clear all data of SD. it’s very important.

In fact, that’s not a solution but does hint for some imagination. it’s not a solution because a binary image is bit-by-bit written to the SD card, whether you low format it or not doesn’t matter before writing with “bpi-copy” or BalenaEtcher.

The root cause should be the image itself generated by whatever procedures or tools used by MediaTek/BPI who prepared those official images.

Luckily, there is a quick way to fix it. Regardless you burn the image in Linux by using “bpi-copy” or in Windows/MacOS by BalenaEtcher, you will need to fix the SD partitions with “fdisk” in Linux after burning the image.

Simply ‘fdisk /dev/your sd card’ and press ‘w’ and then quit. This will fix it.

Hope this will help new R4 users out there.

If you have fixed it with fdisk, the problem would be the backup gpt at end of disk. You write the image (which is only some megabytes) to offset 0 of the disk. There is the main gpt which is different to the backup gpt at the end of disk.

Afair i had the errors only on first bootup and it looks like it fixes the issue on first run and after reboot there are not much errors.

I agree. The missing of backup GPT table should be the culprit. fdisk re-writes the backup table.

I cut short of my waiting because it seems taking forever.