Questions regarding BPI-R4


This is my first post in the forum as I also get my first Banana Pi product today - BPI-R4, I do have some questions about it:

  1. Other than power LED, there are also a few LEDs, other than the SIM/SSD LED, there are also B/G LEDs which is not described anywhere (now I see B one has BLUE light which means booting?)

  2. I guess we can use 10G DAC cable on the SFP+ port without problem?

  3. I tried to download the OpenWrt SD card image to boot, 1GbE ports light up when connected to my client PC but client PC doesn’t get any IP, normal?

  4. Finally I saw some messages from console when booting from SD card like the following, so what’s that?

jffs2: jffs2_scan_eraseblock(): Magic bitmask 0x1985 not found at 0x3da40000: 0xff97 instead

  1. B=blue,G=green…these are leds for user specific usage. We use green as power-indicator,blur is not used yet.

  2. i have no dac cable so not tested yet,i guess it will work,but at least on mainline we have not yet 10g working (missing rss+lro software support),the max is currently at ~5Gbit/s

  3. you mean the bpi openwrt? Have not tried it as we are working on mainline support. It depends on setting on this image if there is a dhcp server running on these ports…try login via lucy or on serial console to check the settings

  4. no idea,but imho mainline openwrt will not use f2fs

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But now when I connect power, the RED is always ON, with something booting up the BLUE is also ON, when it’s rebooting it will go off.

So that means using SFP+ RJ45 copper max 5GbE rate?

I downloaded the image from the wiki page, now I need to at least find a way to boot into an OS to verify my board is working (I know the upstream to mainline is just started so I am now asking to see everything working), in case something is wrong I can still send it back to AliExpress.

I assume the wiki download image is kind of “proof of concept” image (it’s ok for not being in mainline kernel)

I talk about 10g (fibre) module (but copper should be same). downstream kernel should support rss/lro (at least sdk does).

Yes it dpends how leds are mapped in software…maybe bpi uses blue one for power indication. Red should be hard wired to power supply