Purchase BPI-R4 SIM tray

Hey everyone, new here and just took the plunge and purchased an R4 from AliExpress.

The seller didn’t include SIM card trays and when I ask I just received a generic response leaving me not hopeful for a solution.

Does anybody know a generic one that can be purchased that is the correct size?



SIM-NanoSIM-ZL-KT08-061500.pdf (518,1 KB)

SIM-NanoSIM-ZL-SM08-061500.pdf (311,2 KB)

I made a picture from my holder and uploaded it in Google photo search:

sim holder

It leeds to this :slightly_smiling_face::


It looks like the holder is a iPone holder. 6G or 6Plus looks matching …

Thanks for the documents mate, super helpful but the AliExpress link doesn’t seem to be the right one, the ejection hole is on the wrong side but you’ve helped me narrow down that I think they’re identical to an iPhone 5 SIM tray I found here:


I’m going to order these, I’ll update this thread when they arrive incase anyone needs this information in the future

Yes, you are right!

I have copied your link !!!

For anyone interested in the future: I’ve received my order and can confirm the correct fit sim trays is the same as the iPhone 5 sim tray.

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