Program bit:bip blockly

Hello, Do you have an accurate and complete documentation in step by step to show how to upload the program blockly in the map. With the microbit card, it’s great just click on upload and the program is via the USB cable, it’s easy. There I do not see the bitmap: beep in windows explorer like microbit. Thank you for your very precise help. your sincerely Julien Launay

in here


thanks to reply. But the link to upload espblocks doesn’t works error 404!?

On the given link that links to the github, could you check your links before publishing your documents. What should I do, because without your software, we can not do anything! Thank you for your quick help. regards Julien

Would it be possible to have definitively reliable documentation to realize a simple program in Blockly and the upload in the bit map: beep. Still no response from you. Thank you for your kind help. Regards. Julien

More answer from you? Is there a problem? You do not answer my questions. Still impossible to program very simply your card Bit: bip in blockly and python. Can not flash the program in the map. No doc on your side. Where is the concern? You gave up? But why sell your product if you do not provide any functional IDE ?? Thanks to reply.

Now, there is no micropython blockly IDE. Well, I think you know that at the moment, there’s only webduino blockly , and it’s generated javascript, not python, so instead of providing a similar python blocky on miccropython, there’s no such thing as providing a scratch3 that doesn’t generate blockly as blocks. And about micropython IDE, it is to have too much too, countless. Thonny upycraft pycharm. None of these ides can meet your needs? so i am sorry And there is no way to provide so many building blocks and documents right now.

Incredible, you sell a product before you even develop the IDE to be able to program your card in blockly. Never seen! But how often will you have the same question. Understand my very simple questions. How to upload the blockly program to your bit:bip card? Where is your specific documentation with a screenshot? I never saw that!