Problem with the SSD


I have buy a new SSD fir the bpi-r2. Sometimes he can not read it anymore.
Regularly I reboot and it’s good.
Rarely not. But I reboot now and it’s good after.

Why ?
The SDD have a problem ?
The connections are not good ?

Is your sata socket soldered properly? Anything in log? Test ssd on another computer

I have not test my sdd on another computer. A friend told me about power supply. I have a 12V, 2A. 2A, it’s the max for a BPI-R2.

I’m using SSD’s with 12v 3A. Working OK. But I had problem with unproper soldered SATA sockets. I had to resolder them again. (they were moving when I push them by finger)

3A ? in, it’s written :

Power Supply: 12V/2A recommended,

Recommended, only, but what is the max ?

basics of electrics…you give 12V (voltage) and the device take the current (A) till the max the powersupply can give. more important is how stable the power supply is.

there is no max, 2A are enough for most needs, the r2 only takes ~0,5A (6W), depending on what you want to have addionally running (hdd) the power consumption will increase (3,5" HDD needs also ~0,5-1A max depending on model and load).