Powering Up the BPI-M5 from the 40 pin connector

From the circuit diagram it would appear that I can power up the M5 from pin 2 (+5v) and pin 6 (Gnd) of the 40 pin connector.

Can anyone confirm please?

please see here :

I had already read that document but it is not very helpful in this regard. All it says is that 5V are available on pins 2 and 4. Did not state if power could be fed from there.

Anyway, I did try to power up from those pins feeding in a 5V supply but the board continued to repeatedly reset. Maybe my 5V source cannot deliver sufficient current but I still have to confirm.

The development board can be powered via 40pin.But you have to make sure that the power supply meets the board’s operation. If it is not a necessary requirement, it is recommended to use the type-c interface for power supply.

The reason why I need to power the board from the 40 pin connector is that I am developing an application for monitoring an ECU from a motorbike’s 12V supply while on the move. A type-c interface is not available.