Power connector bpi:bit

Hello, Why is your power connector not compatible with the microbit connector? Regards. Julien

we support 3 ways to power BPI:bit


Hello, You answer beside the question. I know your 3 possibilities perfectly. But why not choose the same connector as the microbit. Where to find your specific connector. I’m really sorry. Why complicate things. If you want microbit people to come to your home, you should have the same connector. I do not understand your business strategy at all !? Julien

i see ,you mean battery interface , we use 2.5 interface ,micro:bit use 2.0 , other is same.

we will think about it , and try to do the same interface next version.

Hello, If you want your card to be used, I strongly advise you to modify your card to allow the connection of the power supply to the very practical microbit training. You do not provide any external power supply like the microbit card. As a result impossible to feed this card. It’s a shame not to think about it sooner. Julien

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