Possible hardware issue and/or fix with Boot? Connected to wifi module or board?

If anyone has the boot to logo then black screen, try booting without the HDMI plugged in. After a few seconds plug in the hdmi. (Unplugging or pressing the reset switch both worked for me, but the hdmi was unplugged both times)

I tried a few different adapters and they work fine for other electronics, but it doesnt matter the adapter or cord, whether booting either from the usb or emmc, both go to the logo before a black screen with the HDMI plugged in.

I tried the sw1 on the board in different combinations, but its in the metal case.

The hdmi not plugged in worked the most.

Wifi/bt module/board connection? Volts and watts from battery/outlet are within the min and max input.

The wifi module installed fine, but constantly drops connections and the bluetooth isn’t detected or enabling, so is the module bad or connected to the other issue?

I flashed different os to the emmc successfully and havent needed to edit anything file wise for hardware or software other. (Other than the wifi/bt) The device works fine and if it does overheat it slows and freezes as a computer normally would, but a wait time or cooling fixes this. Ive had the board for a while and there’ve been issues, but if anything happened, reflashing the board worked fine.

The only issues I’ve had were the wifi dropping connection, the blank screen after boot/logo with HDMI and the power adapter. They all seem connected to hardware on the board’s connections, because theres a few different system logs and no warnings about file conflicts or hardware notifications.

Also, is there a pinout for the wifi? For the 8 pins holes on the board? It has “VCC” labeled off to the side, but I can try a multimeter if anything and i think the metal case allows for some angled pcb pins. I have single set rows, so if anyone has tried a double, it would help.


Update: Bluetooth is working: Just got the drivers from the bpi-m5 wiki, cleaned, purged, then reinstalled. (Not the os)

The hdmi works, but if the power goes out, whats been working is, during the boot after the boot screen, if the hdmi is still plugged in, it goes to a black screen. If unplugged before or during the boot screen, it will boot past this after plugging the hdmi back in.

Wifi: Distance isn’t very far and obstructions are most general materials and not many metals that wouldn’t do much to the strength of the connection to the hub.

Resetting the shell or restarting the wifi service on the SBC has worked, but not all the time. I’ve pushed the hardware and its overheated, but it hasn’t heated to where a hard reset was needed.

The wifi and bluetooth work, but if anyone has changed areas where the connection (wifi) just went from bad to good and maintained itself for a few days, it would help narrow it down to the service in this area. The bluetooth hasn’t had any issues yet.

Some of my other devices have dropped a connection before, but not as often as the M5, so if its not something thats downloaded or installed, or the hardware itself, again, it might just be the service in this area.