PoE with BPI-R3

I’m looking for a board to become my new WIFI6 AP. I’ve come across the BPI-R3 and it’s really an appealing device!

For me, PoE input is a hard requirement for an AP.

It’s written everywhere throughout the Internet that there is “optional” PoE support, but no further details are given about how to really get the PoE feature.

The only information I found is here:

If I understand correctly, there is a board version with PoE. That version has the first SFP cage removed, and a 2.5GBASE-T PHY (Airoha EN8811 PHY) is added instead. Then, there is the BPI-7402 PoE module added.

Yes, remove the SFP cage, install EN8811 PHY and BPI-7402 PoE module, and some other components need to be modified, so I don’t think you can change it by yourself.

Our default version is 2x sfp, and the case is the same. so if you need POE, you can customize it,also you can contact our sales to discuss the specifications

If EN8811 PHY is used, the driver, firmware, etc. need to be modified

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So it appears as if the answer to the question is that PoE R3 boards are not available to order in small quantities for the consumer, but PoE is available as a customization option for an organization that wants to purchase large quantities?

There are many things involved, you can contact our sales to discuss it.

Use one of these, problem solved: https://www.tierratek.com/store/pc/Cerio-POE-PD04S-PoE-Splitter-5-Gig-Ethernet-802-3bt-PoE-w-2-1mm-and-2-5mm-cables-1417p8280.htm