[PLFM] preloader fatal error

Hello! I have a problem with board. When cold start, I several times get an error:

ASSERT> mt_rtc_6323.c:line 106 0
[PLFM] preloader fatal error...

Sometimes the board may start from second time, sometimes it takes more than 10 attempts. I tried several power sources, including the power supply unit of my desktop computer, the problem persists. If turn off the power and immediately turn on or reset board - the problem was not observe

full boot log in attach.boot.log (79,2 КБ)

Which preloader/image do you use and from which boot-device (sd/emmc)? is uboot present on this device?

OpenWrt 18.06.2 by @LeXa2 from SD.

After several reboots it’s booting normaly. I tried to wipe the first 2Mb EMMC and remove SD card - the type of problem has not changed. It seems that this happens before loading the preloader