Pfsense performance benchmark


I am interested in r2 for small office/home firewall but I have 300mbit fiber-optic internet with option to go even 900. Will r2 cpu be sufficient for such speeds? I saw NAT and hardware NAT speed test but it is just routing, what about performance with pfsense and some basic rules? Preferable with some VPN. I think r2 is a great alternative for cheap j1900/i3 boxes from China so it would be great if you could make some benchmarks for that.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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I don’t know about 900MBit, but I have a 250MBit connection and have no issues with speed. I’m using the Ubuntu build available from bpi and firehol/and mass for the firewall/routing.

Hi, do you have a tips for install pfsense on bpir r2? i don’t found source for arm!

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As far as you have created an image, can’t you provide it?

So no pfSense ? I would like to use pfSense because I need something that I am familiar with.

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FreeBSD is not supporting MTK7623N at all. I have managed to push the boot process to the kernel stage, but kernel have not any drivers for this platform.

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Glad to hear the news. Just curious, are you a freebsd committer ray@ ?

No, unfortunately, Moreover, I am not a commiter in any of the OS projects.