Permanently root the android images

I’m trying to figure out how to root the Android images permanently with magisk. Last time I tried it I can’t actually patch anything because the recovery isnt right. I actually ended up losing the roots somehow

Why do you need magist or anything such this? You have direct access to sdcard so you can su binary directly (and maybe superuser app) and give this the suid rights

I need magisk because it’s one of the only reliable ways to use root properly. It also has built in super user and I’m not using the SD card I’m using the emmc like the guide told me to magisk has plugins that make rooting easy, magisk is the only option since you can’t use custom recovery’s. I know I have access to the system but I want it to be rooted so I have more freedom over my own device. I would also like to only have certain apps have superuser

I know what rooting is :slight_smile: and you can do it manually if magist does not know the device/image.

You can root first the sdcard and then after booting this you can also root emmc manually…basic root is only su binary with suid rights and extended needs an app where other apps requesting root on the gui.

you can look into the apk from magisk to look what it does…it should be a zip file. I did an upgrade package for german ebook reader “tolino shine” some time a go and there was an upgrade script which copies some files and changes the rights

It’s magisk* but also why can’t someine release an image with the android pre fully rooted

Magisk works for a little while but needs to patch boot every time I restart. It’s all because I can’t get a custom recovery