Orange Pi Zero form factor BananaPi?

Since there’s no general forum, I didn’t know where else to put it. If you’re familiar with the Orange Pi Zero form factor, it’s smaller than a Raspberry Pi zero; without the full GPIO header.

I was hoping bananapi could make a quadcore CPU (preferably a new one, eg: based on the AMLOGIC S950x3 or S922x; or at least a 1,5Ghz Quad core) on the bottom of the board, to be mounted to a heat sink; with 2 or 4GB of RAM And on the top have a Ethernet, 2x USB, and a some sort of display port (mini HDMI or whatever).

I just like the form factor. It’s also very stackable, and hopefully very energy efficient.

we just do banana pi zero:

we also will think about your good idea for S905x3