OpenWrt One/AP-24.XY with MediaTek MT7981B (Filogic 820),sample ready

OpenWrt One/AP-24.XY with MediaTek MT7981B (Filogic 820)

  • SOC: MediaTek MT7981B
  • Wi-Fi: MediaTek MT7976C (2x2 2.4 GHz + 3x3/2x2 + zero-wait DFS 5Ghz)
  • DRAM: 1 GiB DDR4
  • Flash: 128 MiB SPI NAND+ 4 MiB SPI NOR
  • Ethernet: 2x RJ45 (2.5 GbE + 1 GbE)
  • USB (host): USB 2.0 (Type-A port)
  • USB (device, console): Holtek HT42B534-2 UART to USB (USB-C port)
  • Storage: M.2 2042 for NVMe SSD (PCIe gen 2 x1)
  • Buttons: 2x (reset + user)
  • Mechanical switch: 1x for boot selection (recovery, regular)
  • LEDs: 2x (PWM driven), 2x ETH Led (GPIO driven)
  • External hardware watchdog: EM Microelectronic EM6324 (GPIO driven)
  • RTC: NXP PCF8563TS (I2C) with battery backup holder(CR1220)
  • Power: USB-PD 12-25V on USB-C port (optional 802.3at/af PoE via RT5400 module)
  • Expansion slots: mikroBUS
  • Certification: FCC/EC/RoHS compliance
  • Case: PCB size is compatible to BPi-R4 and the case design can be re-used
  • JTAG for main SOC: 10-pin 1.27 mm pitch (ARM JTAG/SWD)
  • Antenna connectors: 3x MMCX for easy usage, assembly and durability
  • Schematics: these will be publicly available (license TBD)
  • GPL compliance: 3b. “Accompany it with a written offer … to give any third party … a complete machine-readable copy of the corresponding source code”

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