Odroid C4 Android system on Banana pi BPI-M5

OdroidC4 android system on Banana pi BPI-M5

image download :

google link:


baidu link :https://pan.baidu.com/s/11iXQD62T3UuOfILJ49LCmA pincode: 94bk

this is just for test image.

I succed to instalkl it on the eMMC and work great but I am looking for ATV version, can’t launch google TV home on that version :confused: Any luck that we can get this rom modified to run on M5 ? https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=204&t=38579

  1. Download secuflag’s atv image and flash it to sdcard.

  2. Plug sdcard to PC and modify VFAT/boot.ini (c4 image for example)

    change ODROIDC4-UBOOT-CONFIG to bananapi_m5-UBOOT-CONFIG

    change meson64_odroid{variant}_android.dtb to meson64_odroidc4_android.dtb

  3. Build sinovoip linux bsp uboot https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-M5-bsp according to the bsp README.md.

  4. Replace the uboot.bin to your sdcard.

    $ cd u-boot-aml/sd_fuse

    $ ./sd_fusing.sh /dev/sdX

  5. Plug sdcard to M5 board and power on to start firstboot recovery process.

  6. After recovery successfully, system will reboot but failed, eject the sdcard and plugin to PC

  7. Modify the VFAT/boot.ini as the same as step 2.

  8. Plug the sdcard to M5 board again and poweron.

This is just make the m5 board bootup these images, some io difference need to create a separate dtb for m5.

Thx, was apain but I finally found a why to achive all that and i booted well, works great so far :wink:

EDIT: Unfortunately when I install it on emmc it get stock on the Android logo so I can’t take advantage of the emmc speed :confused:

baidu pan


Extraction code:k8r3

google drive


Try this images.

Thx but I don’t have a baidu account and I am not looking to do It. You don’t have a shared link without the need of installing a software AND greating an account ?

ATV version android on Bananapi M5


Hi, I am having difficulties to install it and I am very noob about Linux, Android, SBCs in general. I have tried to use amlogic tool to burn on Emmc directly it doesn’t work, I have tried also using balena batcher and flash at a sdcard but it keeps an infinite loop on bootup logo. So if there is a guideline to follow in order to accomplish this?