NVMe SSD not working


Can someone help me (or maybe a word from the guys that knows the hardware internals) … I just got three BPI W2 for a small proof of concept deployment. The issue is that I would be using the SATA connectors for hosting user generated data and cannot use it for the OS.

I would like to install a SSD (preferably NVMe, but wouldn’t care if I need a M.2 SATA) to store the OS itself because the microSD card is just way too slow for the type of IO.

The issue is that there’s no mention in dmesg at all about detecting the disk :frowning:

Boot log: http://termbin.com/9ebr

The BPI-w2 does not support sata over m2 you need to use the sata connectors or maybe an pcie supported m2 ssd should work.

As far as I know, the SSD I’m using is a 2x lanes PCIe m2, it is not a m2 SATA.