No Desktop Signal [HDMI - DVI]

Hey together, I get no signal on my desktop… I’m using the Banana Pi M3 with Ubuntu Mate 15.10 and a HDMI to DVI adapter. My Desktop only support DVI…

Hope someone can help me

(Sry for my bad english I’m from germany)

Thank You root_Padi

please test this image. we have test HDMI to DVI adapter . it working fine (there you find information, here not)

Okay Thank You I will try it

My BPI M3 dont boot with hat image and again I have no Signal… Realy Nice…

I use the image provided here:

And then the aforementioned fix is necessary to get DVI working (Armbian provides bin2fex/fex2bin to adjust script.bin contents)

Can you explain the fix for me pleas ? I downloaded the image but what now ?

Thank You root_Padi

Here is guide, download some linux image, do this:

when you power on bpi (any signal on monitor - if you use dvi-hdmi) - green led must blink - your bpi boot and life.

connect bpi to ethernet, find on your router ip banana pi

then connect via ssh ( e.x. putty) to bpi, download sunx-tools

Convert script.bin to .fex, set in section “[hdmi_para]: hdmi_cts_compatibility = 1”. then convert to script.bin and reboot.

It’s work for me (i use dvi to hdmi cable)

very sorry for my english… :slight_smile:


Hello Grzegory_Kalisiak, thank you very much I will try it later I understand all so your english is great :smiley: (my english isnt better :wink: )

Thanks alot

Can you describe the Sunx-tols download and the convert part please ? Sorry I’m newbie and I dont know how to do this.

You can write it in Polish, my friend will translate it in english for the other guys and for me. (I post the translation below)

Again Thanks alot :smiley:

How to:

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That looks perfect I will try out

Thank you so much

Hi root_Padiand friends,

I came across the same problem, but had no time yet to check these hints. Have you been successful meanwhile? Anyhow, it would be great if the adapter is directly supported by the kernel. Is there any plan for a short term kernel update? Hmm, and I have a M64… Will this fix be comaptible?

CU and have a happy New Year 2017!