No boot from flash

Hello, i am a new owner of a used BPI-R2, i have get it from a friend, he has give up with it. at first , sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: , i dont have lernt it at scool. I come from Germany, my name ist Karsten and i am 50 years old.

Now my problem: i get the board with an " complete crapt" Ubuntu. I have found a nice debian buster image, and this work fine on SD. So i have write it to flash. But booting with flash stops before U-Boot Menue:

[BLDR] jump to 0x81E00000
[BLDR] <0x81E00000>=0xEA0000B8
[BLDR] <0x81E00004>=0xE59FF014

I think is a problem with preloader, i have test many different preloader, but the all no boot. Every stops at this part. where can i get information whitch version of preloader i need ?

I guess you need to write a newer preloader to boot0. E.g. this one

Boot from sdcard and then steps from linked posting

i have testet 5 different bootloader, also older version. But the error was every time the same. Now i have flashed also image new, an it forks fine. Maybe Problem with the last image flash. I dont understand this, because i have mountet the mmc, i have checked the filesystem, i could see the directorystructure…so i thnk, Image flash is ok. thank you fpr your help :slight_smile: