Newbie - Installing Ubuntut Server on BPI-M5

I cannot figure out how to install an image on this Banana Pi BPI-M5. I just got it in the mail - assembled it in its case and it powers on, fan runs, light up, all good. I have burned a DD Image with Rufus to a 64GB MicroSD card and inserted it into the Banana Pi SD Card Slot. Then connected it to monitor with HDMI and powered on.

I get a black screen with no signal. And I can’t seem to find any documentation on performing a decent install.

I just get no display output from my Pi at all. I need simple step by step instructions to make sure I am even doing this right to begin with.

What is the typical process for setting up a Banani Pi when you receive it?

And if anyone has setup Ubuntu Server on one that would be helpful. If I can just get it to boot to the SD card or install the image onto the EMMC then I will be fine from there. But right now - I don’t think I have a clue what I’m doing.

the most reliable way for me is using balena etcher on windows. Even the official rasp imager will allow u to flash SD. But the black screen for me always means there is a problem with either the image itself or it didn’t write properly and just halts after posting and screen stays black. U got a box running windows? If yes, install this on the PC:

Then download the ubuntu server image you want to use, and balena etcher does the rest. Also note: not all of the images that are available will boot on mine. Probably 1/3 of the images won’t boot on mine so it might just be you need to pick another .img.

This is the image I’m using currently on mine without issues:

Thanks for the response! I’m going to try that. I managed to get the android9 image installed through AML and boot that up on the box, but once I can get the time - I’m going to give this another run following your advice